Planning for your future is essential, especially when you have family to provide for and none of us know when our days will be brought to an end. Let our experienced solicitors advise and guide you in practical steps that you can take now to provide peace of mind for yourself, your family and loved ones into the future.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of Wills or reviewing an earlier Will, the creation of Trusts for the benefit of minors or dependents when you may not be around, the creation of Enduring Powers of Attorney for clients who foresee a future where they may not, through ill health, maintain capacity to look after their own affairs, Ward of Court applications for persons lacking capacity who have not granted an Enduring Power of Attorney and finally, after your day or that of your family member, administration of the Estate together with the Administrator, a complex area of practice that is reliant on sound professional guidance through all areas, including compliance with the Capital Taxes Acts.

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